When it comes to looking after your skin, you might think it is enough to wash and go, but actually, it is worth getting a full skincare routine that works for you. You don’t have to have a facemask on a Friday if it isn’t your bag, but in general, your skin will look brighter and healthier. Here are some facial car tips to live by.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize

This should be the basis of your whole facial care routine. If you wanted to, this could be the only three steps you take – because they make a big difference relatively quickly. Consider how much your face goes through in the average day – pollution, grease, grime, dirt from your hands, cigarette smoke, car fumes… it is quite a lot. And the damage adds up over time. You can start a cleanse, tone, and moisturize regimen at any time that suits you, so long as you do it every day. 

Consider cleansing a more efficient and deeper clean for your face. It helps get rid of dead skin cells and gives a nice deep clean. You should ideally double cleanse to remove everything. This will also help get any acne or breakouts under control if you suffer from blemishes. Toning helps to remove any thin layers of cleanser that are still apparent and restore the balance of your skin. Following that, a moisturizer will keep your skin soft and supple. 


If you are working outside or drive a lot, then you will be seeing a lot of sunlight. Too many of those UVA and UVA rays and your skin will take a lot of damage. Although a bit of a tan isn’t a bad thing, over time, your skin will undoubtedly show signs of the impact. And, sun exposure is a cause of skin cancer. To get the most from your SPF, you should apply it a minimum of 15 minutes before leaving the house so that you can get the absorption you need for protection. 

Dry Skin

While cleaner will take off much of the dead skin cells on your face. You might not think it is a big deal, but those dead cells accumulate and cause bacterial build-ups – then turn into whiteheads and other outbreaks. Your pores get clogged pretty quickly too. Once a week, you should make sure you use a gentle exfoliation scrub in your facial care routine. There are many brands to choose from, just consider the type of skin you have. Sensitive skin or dry skin will be better to use something with sensitive on the label and more gentle ingredients. One extra great thing about exfoliating is that it softens up the hair follicles – so if you like a smooth shave, this is going to help. 


Wrinkles aren’t a bad thing! But if you don’t want them to get deeper, or you want to add some extra moisture into those areas, then this tip is for you. Typically most people get wrinkles around their eyes called crows feet, and the under-eye can appear dry and thin too. You can help these two ways:

Drink more water: You should be aiming for at least 6-8 glasses a day

Eye cream: eye cream is usually thicker and more hydrating than your regular face cream. 

You would use an eye cream every morning and before bed. If you have excess product leftover, you can use it on the fine lines around your mouth too!


While your teeth aren’t technically your face, there are one of the first things people notice about you. You don’t want to be embarrassed by your smile, so get your teeth ship shape in no time at all. 

  1. Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth
  2. Brush for at least two minutes – and brush don’t scrub
  3. Always brush your tongue
  4. Use the right toothpaste for your tooth type i.e., sensitive, smokers, stains, etc
  5. Floss every day
  6. Mouthwash is perfect for an extra zing 
  7. Dental work, if you need your teeth professionally cleaned, a root canal dentist, or even braces then get it done as soon as you can
  8. Crunchy fruits and vegetables

Beard Care

Beards have gotten a lot of popularity in the last few years, they might just be the accessory of the last ten years. But if you’ve let your beard grow wild and unruly for years, then it is time to tame it. Keeping your beard clean is the minimum amount of grooming for it. Cleaning it in the morning and evening, plus after meals, will stop it being filled with stray food and dirt. If you have taken on board the note about exfoliation making the hair follicles softer, then you will find it easier to trim the edges of your beard and have it looking well kept. 

Softness can be an issue with many beards, so finding a great beard oil is going to help with that. Following on from the oil, if you want to protect your beard, and style it – then you can find beard wax in most pharmacies now. 

In a typical beard oil, you will see a carrier oil like jojoba, argan, or grapeseed oil. These can all be used alone too. If you have stubble, you apply 1 drop, a small beard 1-2 drops, a midrange bears 3-5, and a long thick beard is 5+ drops. If you live somewhere typically dry, then you might need to apply for often than every morning. 

To evenly distribute, use warm hands and finish with a beard comb. 


If you are caring for your skin and beard, then you will undoubtedly need to take care of your lips too. So don’t leave this out of your facial care routing. Dry air, too much sun, licking your lips too often all have an impact. Chapped lips can get painfully really quickly too. A great lip balm is going to be a must. They will keep your lips soft and protected. If you want more simple protection for your lips, then Vaseline will do the job perfectly well. 


If you want to amp up the facial care routine, then face masks once a week is going to work wonders. There are a few brands that specialize in face masks that work for men and their skin needs. You can purchase face masks in everything from mud to peel off gels so you can choose a skin complaint to target. Dryness, red or irritated skin, blemishes, and breakouts can all be handled with a really great face mask. So even if it’s 5 minutes a week, the extra boost can make a huge difference. 

Spot Treatment

If you get large angry looking acne, a tea tree spot gel  or a spot patch can help zap it before it managed to surface. If you feel like you get a lot of more substantial spots, then you might consider using deep cleansing cream. This type of cleanser if put on your face and then take a shower as usual – but don’t get your face wet or washed until the very last minute. 

In General

Most of us could do with taking better care of ourselves in general. Eating a bit healthier, adding more fruit and vegetables, and taking out things that are fried or particularly oily is going to be to your benefit. Adding a few extra glasses of water will also help your new facial care routine get off to a flying start. When it comes to getting your skin looking great, the care on the inside and outside both matter. 

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