adidas commissioned the film series ‘Destined’ as a means to give global soccer fans an up-close, intimate view of of its most celebrated players from around the world, and showcase how creativity was key in their journey to stardom.

The film series spotlights each subject in documentary style with short form edits, each piece weaves the players’ personal stories and rise to the superstars they are today through interviews with friends and family. Created in collaboration with Hypebeast and unveiled to coincide with the unfolding of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the series focuses on among others: Brazil’s Gabriel Jesus; Mexico’s Javier Hernández, better known as Chicharito and Uruguay’s Luis Suárez. Check out the films below.

Luis Suarez | The Creation of a Goalscorer

Gabriel Jesus | From Street to Stardom

Chicharito | Creating Your Own Legacy

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