November 29, 2020

LC 500h

The LC 500 Hybrid was revealed in March at the Geneva Motor Show, but the New York Auto Show marks the LC 500h’s North American debut. The 500h features ‘M’ Mode which is the first driver-initiated gear shifts offered on a Lexus full hybrid powertrain – in plain English, it lets drivers initiate direct and responsive gear shifts for the most sporting drive.



77 Bandit Edition Trans Am

Inspired by the classic chase movie Smokey and the Bandit, the Trans Am Worldwide shop has built a 77 Bandit Edition Trans Am with the blessing of The Bandit, aka actor Burt Reynolds. The revamped muscle car packs a walloping 840 horsepower engine, is detailed with the same fire breathing hawk on the hood and even has detailed seats with the Bandit silhouette.



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