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If you are looking to change careers or you feel that your current job isn’t satisfying you, you’ve got to look at your skill set, as well as your passions. Sometimes we have a passion for something but life throws us in a specific direction because we’ve got real skill in one area. A very good example is the field of numbers. Some people have the knack for numbers, whereas others cannot comprehend it at all. If you love numbers, what are your career options?


It is the most obvious career path but there are different strands of accounting. Northeastern University provides master’s degrees in accounting but also taxation which is something different, it’s worth bearing this in mind. Being an accountant is a very lucrative career and because there are so many different courses available on different levels this means you can step into accountancy on an entry-level role. Being a bookkeeper is a very good example.


If you are on the lookout for a freelance career being a tutor is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your love of numbers. We have to remember that becoming a great teacher is about having excellent communication skills. And good math tutors are always in demand! You can apply to be a tutor through an umbrella agency or you could branch out by yourself. Becoming a freelance tutor is the perfect way to have some control over your life. But we have to remember that being a tutor means that we do operate outside of school hours.


If you want the security of a full-time job but with a diverse skill set, becoming an actuary could prove to be a good career path. These people work for insurance and pension companies. The overall goal is to manage risk by using stats and numbers to work out if a future event is probable. In order to be an actuary, it’s not just about the mathematical skill set, but it’s also about an interest in human psychology. In order to progress to this career, a combination of computer science, analytics, and statistics, as well as sociology and psychology can help.


Probably the “driest” profession on this list. Being a statistician can seem very boring on the surface. But there are interesting careers to be had here. For example, sports lovers – say of baseball or football. Analytics are now an integral part of the game. Meaning sports teams and leagues need statisticians to crunch those numbers. If you are someone that likes crunching numbers this could be a perfect fit. The role of a statistician is to collect and analyze specific data. By analyzing this information for trends and patterns, they advise specific sectors like the bank or healthcare industry to solve complex problems. It’s a skill that is in demand but it can also be very lucrative if you decide to work in the private sector. That being said, the public sector is always demanding statisticians. And as a secure career choice, working in the public sector takes some beating.

If you want a piece of the proverbial pie and numbers are your forte you have a very unique skill set. It’s important to note that those people that are supremely skilled in mathematics can acquire very lucrative jobs.

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